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Meet the Bakers

Say hello to some of the people behind our deliciously fluffy baked goods.

From sieve to shelf, our people are there every step of the way – working all hours of the day (and night!) to bring you the freshest, best-tasting bread possible.

Richie Redman - The West Brom Baker

Richie has been working at our bakeries since he was 15, both in Stoke and in West Bromwich. Almost every day of the year you’ll find him and the team mixing and proving the dough, baking the loaves, or slicing and putting them it into bread bags.

Richie has baked Kingsmill bread through mornings, noon and nights, because we bake bread for you all through the night so it’s fresh for the next morning.

When he’s not working with the team to bake delicious bread, he’ll be out playing and coaching cricket, or on the river bank doing a spot of carp-fishing.

Dave Lythgoe - Delivering Daily

Most mornings at 3am, you’ll find Dave parked up at the Kingsmill bakery in Stoke, where he’ll have his van loaded up with freshly baked bread and delicious bakery snacks, before delivering them on to the shops around the area.

Joining up as a van lad at the bakery in 1970, Dave is one of our longest serving staff members. He’s been doing his round for nearly 50 years!

Once he’s finished delivering your daily bread, he’ll usually be straight out again for another round – but this time it’s a round of golf at Sandiway Golf Club near Northwich.

Alan Rooks - The Hotplate Hero

Belfast born and bred, Alan has been working on the hotplates in Belfast since 2009. Hotplates are where we make all of our pancakes and crumpets, as well as potato scones and soda bread for Northern Ireland. Starting as an apprentice, Alan spent 7 years training to be the bakery production manager, and he now runs the hotplates all year round.

Ensuring the exact amount of batter is used for deliciously fluffy pancakes, or keeping our plates at the right temperature for scones and crumpets that rise to perfection is no mean feat, so he’s regularly training the team and helping to develop everyone’s skills as bakers.

John Gaynor - Baking a Difference

Since 1987, John has been rising up the ranks at the Kingsmill bakery in Stoke. Starting off working with the bread tins as they came out of the oven (hot work!) and packing trays of bakery goods into the vans (hungry work!), he now oversees the whole baking process.

He makes sure the team are always working well, from mixing the ingredients into smooth and silky kneaded dough, to keeping the ovens at just the right temperature so the loaves are perfectly baked every time. He works hard in his role, and relaxes at the weekends walking or touring the countryside in his caravan.

Phil Wood - The Master Miller

Phil is one of Kingsmill’s Master Millers. But he wasn’t always a miller! While working as a maintenance engineer, his manager discovered one day he had modified his ear protectors in the workshop so he could listen to the cricket. Impressed with Phil’s skills, and, always on the lookout for the best talent he asked him if he wanted to train as a miller.

Cut to 1989, and Phil had just finished a course in the Bühler training school in Switzerland, and was made Head Miller at Kingsmill’s Sugden Mill. Since then he has helped commission new flour mills in Manchester and Essex, creating plants that ensure that only the best flour is produced. He’s been presented with a prestigious award for commitment to giving back to the flour milling team. When he’s not in the mills, you’ll still find him listening to or watching the cricket – you can take the man out of Yorkshire, but you can’t take Yorkshire out of the man!